Notes on personal tech

  • Deleted my Twitter account. Read up on Mastodon but I was not convinced that we need to carry on down this path. I miss the days of the blog. I have not stopped using RSS and while Twitter allowed me to catch up on news and happenings in a certain way, I guess there is enough chatter in this world. So far, I’ve add some news outlets to RSS (after I got annoyed trying to read headlines via their Telegram channels).

    I feel mildly bad for the makers of Tweetbot.

  • I don’t know why but I managed to agitate myself into a fit of annoyance with the state of my bookmarks. I use with the Pushpin app. It is a morass, but it is my morass and I am not ready to let go of them. (I am not one of those who get so stressed by their bookmarks that they end up deleting all of them.) I saw a review of Goodlinks and decided to try the app. (There is a one-time charge.) It is fast, and looks good, and its uses iCloud for syncing. I can add a bookmark on my phone and quite quickly see it on the Mac OS app.

    But I got annoyed that I could not see the date that the bookmark was added in Goodlinks, and so, after a few weeks, I’ve decided to say goodbye to Goodlinks. I could try Anybox next. But there is a nagging question – why do I want a repository of bookmarks?

  • Trying to listen to podcasts again. After so many years, the experience of downloading podcasts to the Apple Watch (whether via Apple Podcasts, Overcast or Spotify) is still annoying. You need the watch to be put back on the charger while on the same wifi network as the phone. I typically start thinking about what to listen shortly before my run, and there have been several times where I delayed my run by 15 to 20 minutes because I was trying to have the podcasts downloaded onto the watch (and the attempt may not be successful).

    Having made attempts using the above 3 apps in the past month, it appears Apple Podcasts is currently the winner. Overcast did not sync, and downloads via Spotify started but eventually failed. Somewhat relatedly, we are now listening to podcasts to put ourselves to sleep. I lean towards news coming out from Britain for this, because the American accent (yes there is such a thing) is mostly a tad too hyper.

  • I have begun to find the iPhone 13 mini too small. Maybe it is my presbyopia progressing, or the way websites are made (who would care for this segment of the market?). But perhaps it is good for me anyway, reducing the time I spend looking down at a small screen.