Links from the past week 

  • 8world: Tuesday Report – Trails Across Time: Thomson
    This is a video made by Mediacorp Singapore and it traces the developments in the Thomson area from the 1930s onwards, where there were once villages and plantations. The green spaces and reservoirs we know of now were once places where people lived, cultivated food, washed their clothes… The video includes a segment where an old gentleman draws a map of his village (he could still remember where each household was!). There is also a rendering of how a village looks like; I can still drag up a fuzzy image of my grandmother’s kampung house but it is such a distant memory.

  • Love, Happiness, and Time
    Is love/ happiness a thing/ a place? Or is it an event? This is worth a few minutes of your time.

  • The Apple Watch Ultra finally convinced me to leave Garmin behind
    Quite an unexpected title, but I guess this “good enough” and being part of the Apple ecosystem explains why there are people who would take the Apple Watch over a Garmin (or any other real sports watch).

  • What’s the Most Harmful Airport Book?
    What a good question, and what an interesting read. The #1 is a little unexpected, but the view expressed is quite valid. 🤔