Some notes on personal tech

  • Monterey on Mac OS allows you to use your iPhone apps on your Mac. If you have a M1 or M2 chip. I was excited until I realise our MBP is a 2018 baby.

  • I recently moved my to-do items/ reminders to Apple Reminders. There are now hashtags and the app has improved much over the years. (My last memory was of it in its skeuomorphic days.)

    I have been using the Things app since 2014, and had always wished for a larger font within the app. But even as I developed presbyopia, it remains unlikely that the app makers will ever allow a font size option to corrupt its (beautiful) UI. That gave me the chance to try different things I guess, and I was using Microsoft To Do for a while. It was decent and had desktop functionality but I didn’t like the daily email summary. The email option could not be turned off because the page that allowed this was a 404. Microsoft probably has too many pages to maintain. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • The Reeder app on Mac OS is gorgeous.

    I tried using Netnewswire, the OG RSS reader. I have fond memories of it and was curious about the relaunch in 2021. Alas, the world has moved on, even if I did not mind porting myself back to 2009.

  • I love how the iPhone 13 mini feels in hand. I appreciate its lightness when it is in my pocket. But it seems to be the last tiny phone standing. (It does not exist in the iPhone 14 (2022) lineup.)

    I did get a iPhone 11, to see if that would help with reading longer-form material but I found that for me, the 11 was too clunky, and for now, I want to see if I can leave the phone for the quick and easy (quick input of tasks and notes; quick browse of social media, and as little of it as possible). Related to this, I set myself up on a Mac again for the first time in years. I have not been at a personal computer for years. I miss that version of myself… who browses and reads longer-form things on the internet, writes a bit (to/ for myself) and burrows down rabbit holes here and there.

    (I was to be reading my books off a Kobo, but it died and therefore I am reading on my tiny phone but it is fine. And you can extract all your highlights via the Libby app.)