Links from the past weeks

  • Map of the Middle Earth
    This is a useful reference when reading the books, especially for aging eyes. You can also choose to see paths taken by various parties.

  • Why You Should Stop ‘Gamifying’ Your Health and Fitness
    The part about streaks resonated with me. I hate it when apps insist you do something every single day. I am fine with trying to do something 5 days a week, but the unnecessary weight of 7 days a week just makes things too tiresome. That is why the Streaks app is good – you can set goals that make sense to you, e.g. 4 times a week, 8 times a month. Unfortunately, my streak with Duolingo has started and ended too many times.

  • Escher’s Rubik’s Cube.

  • Apparently it is a thing for you to watch the Fantastic Beasts and wonder what its target audience is.

  • I was wondering where the flu virus went, and some lineages may have become extinct.

  • In true Singaporean fashion, here is why Singaporeans need to understand war rhetoric. I have been loading the websites of Reuters and Guardian excessively, and also watching Deustche Welle on Youtube. I cannot believe that a full-scale invasion was embarked upon, and I could not believe that we are supposed to let sanctions take care of matters, while we all watched and hoped for a internal uprising. It is 2022, and we cannot do better, no.